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PowerBuilder 2022 R3 Released with Long-Term Support.
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Why PowerBuilder?

The hallmark of PowerBuilder has always been simple and productive app development, powered by DataWindow technology. Today, PowerBuilder supports developing a wide range of projects for on-premise or cloud deployment, including n-tier and Web API programming. Organizations with years of existing investments in PowerBuilder have a low-cost and low-risk path for modernization.

How is it Evolving?

An exciting roadmap is planned for PowerBuilder, to be delivered to our customers in agile 9-12 month cycles. A completely revamped IDE is planned for PowerBuilder 2025, featuring modern code editor, new compiler, and new file format.

PowerBuilder Roadmap

Highlights of PowerBuilder 2022 R3

A long-term support version that is culmination of features of the 2022 product line, which have been refined and stabilized after years on the market.

PowerBuilder New Features

Long-Term Support

A stable release that receives a minimum of 5 years technical support.

PowerBuilder New Features

Enhanced Productivity

Features IDE enhancements, new objects, more codeless UI/UX enhancements.

PowerBuilder New Features

Strengthened Security

Supports the latest Windows OS, network, and data security measures.

Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to just say how much better PB2022 is to use compared with previous versions. The tabbed IDE, the Jump to and all the other little features have mde a really big difference. I have been working on a project all year using PB2022 and it was not until I went back to PB2019 for another system that I reallised how much more productive I had been. Here is a very big THANK YOU to Appeon!"

David Peace
Technical Director, Powersoft Computer Services Limited

"PB 2022 runs significantly faster than PB 2019 R3! We have made a computation index for our application to measure the performance of the machine running it, so our customers know what to expect from our application. And the index is 60% faster with PB 2022 compared to PB 2019 R3."

Steen Jakobsen
CTO, MigrateDMS

"We are thrilled with the zero touch deployments with PowerClient, the new OLE driver for SQL Server, the improved Git branching support, and the many other valuable improvements Appeon had made in this release. Truly the best PowerBuilder version ever!"

Donald Clayton
President, Intertech Consulting, Inc

"We are using Appeon PowerBuilder to create software that integrates our ERP with digital platforms like Shopify, Amazon, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wish, and many others. Thanks to the latest objects like HTTPClient, RESTClient, CoderObject, JSONParser, and JSONGenerator, we have been able to accomplish our tasks. Most of these platforms provide RESTful Web APIs that we need to call in order to send them all the information about our products, pictures, price, and inventory."

Filiberto Sosa
CEO, Size and Colors

"Better integration with Git, PowerClient Deployment worth the upgrade to Appeon PowerBuilder on their own. Migration process still stable and new installer is a good improvement."

Patrice Domange
Senior Analyst/Developer, Sodexo


PowerBuilder is offered together with a suite of products to develop either modern client/server applications or Installable Cloud Apps.

PowerBuilder CloudPro

Deploy existing client/server applications to the Cloud as Installable Cloud Apps with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud with .NET!


Developer ∙ Year

PowerBuilder Professional

Rapidly develop client/server applications with the productivity of DataWindow technology. Provides many built-in features to instantly modernize!


Developer ∙ Year

* Open-Source C# runtime libraries require a separate purchase. Contact sales

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