Compile for Multiple Runtimes

The PowerBuilder IDE can now compile for multiple runtime versions through the System Options, enabling developers to easily maintain multiple projects, roll back a runtime version, and get the latest IDE features without affecting impacting the runtime.


Compile for multiple minor & major runtime versions

Debug for multiple minor & major runtime versions

Compatible with ORCAScript and PB Compiler

Runtime version checking to prevent mismatch

Code Faster & Easier

Tabbed Code Editor

The PowerBuilder IDE has a new tabbed layout that provides more screen real estate and makes it easier to work on multiple objects.

Jump to Objects

Select an object reference within any declaration or code segment and instantly jump to the referenced object class.

Direct Editing of DDDW

Directly edit the source code of the DropDownDataWindow data object by selecting the new “Modify DropDownDW” from the context menu.

Quick Code Search

Quickly navigate to the related source code by using search “expressions” from the search dialogue in the system tree. Filtering has also been provided in various object painters, such as SaveAs and Select Tables dialogues.

Git/SVN Integration

Within the PowerBuilder IDE, directly access Git/SVN functionality, such as branching, resolving conflicts, and merging changes. You can also use the PBAutoBuild utility to implement continuous integration, pulling source code from Git/SVN, automatically compiling your project, and integrating with Jenkins.


Commit/Revert/Resolve/Update/Pull objects

Create & Switch Branches

Merge branches and handle the conflicts

Review detailed error logs

Automatically refresh PBLs