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PowerServer Web

Deploy Your PowerBuilder Desktop Apps
to the Cloud, Rapidly. 

PowerServer Web automatically deploys PowerBuilder desktop apps as native .NET or Java Web apps. Existing PowerBuilder skills and source code can be leveraged.  There is no faster, scalable approach to Web-enable mission-critical systems built with PowerBuilder

Why choose PowerServer Web?

Lowest Cost and Risk

PowerServer Web automatically converts most existing PowerBuilder source code, including complex DataWindows and frameworks. Subsequent maintenance is performed in the PowerBuilder IDE, keeping the existing development team highly productive and minimizing disruptions.  A typical project can be completed in just months or even weeks rather than years!

Powerful Desktop Functionality

Experience powerful UI and features typical of sophisticated desktop apps.  Now you no longer need to choose accessibility over functionality.  In fact, you can even seamlessly integrate with other Windows apps and OLEs/OCXs/DLLs, access Windows APIs, and utilize peripheral devices.  The rich UI is not only more intuitive, but also eliminates the need for End User retraining.

Native .NET and Java Technologies

PowerServer Web apps utilize native .NET and Java EE for the middle tier.  As such, they deploy to the Microsoft IIS or leading Java EE application servers, benefiting from the server-side scalability and security these servers provide.  Your PowerBuilder projects can coexist with .NET or Java projects, readily integrating with server-side .NET assemblies or Java EE components.  And you can move towards an API-enabled architecture step-by-step as it makes business sense.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy your Web apps to either Windows or UNIX servers, and virtualize or cloudify with leading virtualization or cloud solution providers. End Users access your Web apps via leading Web browsers on the Windows OS or as Installable Web Apps (IWAs).  IWAs stay resident on the desktop and run without a Web browser, streamlining accessibility.

What's New in PowerServer 2020

What Developers Say

“PowerServer enabled us to offer our customers a web-based workforce optimization product deployed to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.”

Tony Orsini, Senior Director

PowerServer Web App Architecture

PowerServer Web deploys your PowerBuilder apps to a standard n-tier Web architecture .NET or Java EE application servers. The presentation tier, business tier, and data tier are logically separated. The three tiers can run on the same physical server or be separated onto multiple servers and clustered.  You can take advantage of numerous security mechanisms, including SSL/HTTPS, VPN, Firewall and Web server security.  No matter how small or large your organization is, you will realize the benefits of greater availability, scalability, security, and reliability.


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