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What is an Appeon Enterprise Account?

An Appeon Enterprise Account is a program designed to serve enterprise customers’ different needs. At this moment, Enterprise account users will get the following benefits:

  • Add more than one license administrator to co-manage all your licenses. If you don’t have an enterprise account, you can only add one license administrator.
  • Get three PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) Standalone licenses when you own a valid subscription of PowerBuilder Universal Edition. These standalone server’s subscription period will match the subscription period of your most recently purchased PowerBuilder Universal subscription. These licenses are subject to Appeon’s Fair Usage Policy.

Who can apply for Appeon Enterprise Account?

Appeon account holders who are authorized by their company/organization to apply for an Enterprise Account. The Order Owner account must be an enterprise email; the domain of the email must match your website domain and the company name.  Each organization can only have one Enterprise Account.

How to Apply for an Appeon Enterprise Account?

Step 1 – Login to the Appeon Website with your registered email address and navigate to the User Center.

Step 2 – Submit your Enterprise Account Application
Click on the Apply for an Enterprise Account link on the User Center page to initiate your application.

Step 3 – Fulfill the Information as Required
Enter the required information. Please make sure you have been authorized by your employer to enroll your account as an enterprise account.

Step 4 – Application Review
Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an answer within 5 business days.

Step 5 – Application Approved

If your application for an Appeon Enterprise Account is approved, you will be able to verify its status in their User Center and you will be able to add more than one License Administrator.

If you own any PowerBuilder Universal licenses, three PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) Standalone licenses will also be assigned to your account at such time. These licenses can be found in your User Center, under Orders & Subscriptions -> Valid Subscriptions. You my assign these licenses by accessing your User Center ->License Management -> PowerServer (PB Edition) -> Assign User.

Step 6 – Understand rejection and reapplication for an Enterprise Account.
If your application was rejected, you may not meet the requirements needed to be granted an enterprise account. Please make sure you meet all the requirements detailed in step #2 before attempting to re-apply for an enterprise account.