In this official Appeon Webcast, Appeon unveils the replacement for the SNC SQL Native Client for SQL Server (SQLNCLI), which Microsoft has deprecated.

Following Microsoft's recommendations, PowerBuilder 2019 R3 supports the new generation OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL) - not to be confused with the old OLE DB provider. The new generation uses a native interface so there is no functionality loss or performance hit, and it supports TLS 1.2 security.

Join us online to see how to upgrade your driver, how little effort is required, and get your questions answered at the live Q&A!

Please note that PowerBuilder 2019 R3 is currently in customer beta.

Time: Wednesday, November 11, 9:00 AM PST

Presenters: Armeen Mazda, Appeon CEO; Govinda Lopez, Appeon Guru