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Bug 3502

Problem with Migration Datawindows to C # .NET - URGENT!!! 13 May, 2020

Walter Ruaro
21 October, 2019
Product: .NET DataStore Category: DataWindow Converter
Version: 2019 Build:
Classification: Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: FIXED
Chris Pollach @Appeon 13 November, 2019
Hi Walter;

  Thank you for that extra feedback!

We will now close this ticket.

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 13 November, 2019
If we have already done the tests and contacted sales.
You can close the ticket

thank you
Chris Pollach @Appeon 12 November, 2019
Hi Walter;

  Yes, please try the PB Universal Edition to allow you to also experience PowerServer Web and Mobile that are included in that edition!

  For PS pricing and licensing options, please contact our Appeon Sales team at

  May I now close this ticket?

Regards... Chris
PS: Feel free to open a new ticket for further technical questions on PB or PS.
Walter Ruaro 12 November, 2019
We have analyzed that option. And we have consulted about PowerServer licenses.

We currently have 48 sanatoriums, all with local server facilities, given the criticality of the information, and the availability of access to it.

In total there are about 4000 thousand users, who access our system constantly.

We need a local powerserver installation on each client, for no more than 5 users, which are the ones that would access the dashboard portal. We did not find a way to license this structure at a reasonable cost.

That is why we are rethinking about what tool we are going to develop these boards.

Soon we will upgrade the power standard license to universal to analyze the new PowerBuilder 2019
Chris Pollach @Appeon 12 November, 2019
Hi Walter;

  Have you looked at using PowerServer to "Web Enable" your existing PowerBuilder applications?


Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 01 November, 2019

Currently all our technological platform is about PowerBuilder 2019, and we have a control panel type application where the management area uses for its analysis.

At the request of our users, we need to migrate that tool to the web.

That is why we want to reuse our datawindows, not only at the data level but also visually.

Can I explain myself?

Can you think of any other option to do it? PowerBuilder 2019 R2 will allow this?

thank you
Chris Pollach @Appeon 21 October, 2019
BTW: Is this because you are trying to migrate an old EAServer PB App that was web based?
Chris Pollach @Appeon 21 October, 2019
Hi Walter;

  The previous (starting from PB 11.0) SOAP .Net Web Service feature does support HTML. The new .Net CORE features in PB 2019 does not (at the moment). The SOAP .Net WS feeature is still there in PB2017/2019. Just not being enhanced.

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 21 October, 2019
Hi Chris;

Thanks for the quick answer. 
We would like to know if there is any alternative to JSON format that we can use for the migration of the datawindow?

We have been trying creating a WEB,API,Class Library, Web application and we couldn't get the HTML from the datawindow.

Regards ...
Chris Pollach @Appeon 21 October, 2019
Hi Walter;

  The C# Web API web service and its subsequent .Net DataStore is strictly a .Net Core JSON based entity at this time.

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 21 October, 2019
We are doing the migration of some datawindow into c#.Net. 
Sticking to the documentation, we just only sucesfully connected with datastore having the data on string or JSON format. We are wondering if there is any example where we can get the HTML format from the already migrated datawindows because we strictly need the drawing of the datawindow?
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