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Appeon 2016 New Features Webcasts - Mobile

Appeon has scheduled a 2-part webcast to introduce the key new features and enhancements of this major release, which could arguably be our most innovative release since the inception of the product. Both the web and mobile targets have major changes, including more streamlined deployment of your apps, more PowerBuilder features, more mobile-specific features (via Apache Cordova), and expanded software environment compatibility.

You only need to sign up once to be registered for both webcasts. All registrants will receive a recording of both webcasts, so please register even if you can’t attend. Of course, we hope you will attend so you can engage in live technical Q&A with Appeon, cast your vote on important polls, and show your support for Appeon 2016!

Webcast 2: Apache Cordova and Other Mobile Features for 2016
Date: November 10,  9:00 AM PST (San Francisco) / 18:00 PM CET (Berlin) .
Presenter: Armeen Mazda, CEO & Chris Pollach, Director of Developer Relations

  1. Intro to Appeon Mobile 2016 & New Features
  2. In-depth look at Apache Cordova Plugin
  3. Demonstration of key new mobile features
  4. Live Polls (your vote matters!)
  5. Live Technical Q&A